About Diving College

Experience the thrill and adventure of Diving with Ibiza's newest most exciting Dive Centre, located at Arenal Beach in San Antonio.

Diving Sites!

The following are just some of the many fascinating dive sites offered by Ibiza Diving College. All are within a short boat ride of the dive center.

Dive Courses

A selection of scuba dive courses that we offer all PADI certified. Beginners to Professionals we have all that you need to begin diving or improve your skills.


All our courses, dives and equpment hire come at an excellent price and exceptional value also diving insurance.



Ibiza Diving College

Diving in Ibiza

We have an experience of over 15 years, teaching diving to many customers who performed the activity with us in Ibiza, we have been at the level of any diving center in the world, with our pioneering experience in ibiza diving school.

 We know that people look at the dive as very difficult and dangerous, but in truth are wrong, says anyone who does not like diving but as we teach you how everything works and give his theory then we took him to the sea, after of all those customers who said they did not like are the ones that end up being a scuba divers taking their first courses after 3 days of having tasted their first dive.

 We are leaders in providing a service at a great price, with the latest item on the market, we conducted more than 50 diving courses in a summer season, this sport is very wonderful and very engaged and that is something the man can not perform often as you need to breathe underwater.

The natural reserve of Cala d'Hort

In the west of the island of Ibiza a group of islands that form the natural reserve of Cala D'Hort in these islands is where we do most of the dives, as Conejera Island, island Bledas, Es Vedrà Island, in Espart. dives are for all levels, where you will find lots of marine life, with its clear water and visibility depths of 25-35 meters.

Diving Tips

Diving for new tips to not miss anything before diving alone or with a dive center in the world, it is always good to consider your safety at all times.