Ibiza Diving College 
Your description textIbiza Diving College is located on the west side of The Island, close by San Antonio in a beach area called Playa del Arenal, in front of the Hotel Arenal.This small cove has became very popular amongst visitors to the island in the last few years, because of the spectacular sunsets which can be seen all year round. Not far away is the internationally famous Café del mar and also the Itaca.During the summer the cove is protected from the wind because the predominant wind comes from the East: the sea remains relatively calm, which makes it an excellent location to practice waters ports, especially diving.In a boat a few minutes to the South you will find the National Park of Cala D’ort and also the Island of Conejera, where there are some 30 dive sites; 15 minutes to the North you can find the Island of Ses Margalides which is well known as one of the best dive sites of the Balearics: Shipwrecks, Caves, Caverns, spectacular underwater panoramas and a incredible ecosystem will surprise you on every dive.We are a openminded and multicultural dive Center who have made our goal to completely satisfy our clients’ needs by offering a personal and high quality service.  We employ modern and effective teaching methods whose goal is not just the licence, but rather that our students experience first hand the adventure and the fun of recreational diving.
We create a very special and informal atmosphere in which our professionally trained and experienced instructors will help you easily and safely realise your own goals. All the diving courses are from PADI – the most internationally recognised certification. With a PADI licence you will be able to dive all over the world.

Our quality standarts

We create a unique and relaxed atmosphere in our professionally trained and the instructors will help you easily and securely realize you experienced your own goals. All courses are from PADI – the recognized International certification. With a PADI license, you can dive watch around the world.Creative.


What do we do?

What we do in Ibiza Diving College is a very personal experience for many years instructor service to thousands of customers who pass on the island of Ibiza, we offer courses for all levels from the first dive at the currently high nievel diving through underwater Photography lessons and everything.

Our Vision

Our vision at our Dive College that our customers have a spectacular time with us dive this any type of course or with us, is a key to our many customers in the summer season, because we give them an experience where not find elsewhere.

Our Mission

One of our mission will always have the best products for our customers, consistently. The best service and back again with us all year.